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Animal Pak is the iconic multi-vitamin and mineral supplement from Animal.

This has been used by bodybuilders and fitness athletes for decades to provide the essential nutrients they need to fuel performance and recovery.

We all know that we should eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, but this doesn't always happen.

Animal Pak ensures you have everything your body needs to not only train hard in the gym, but stay healthy.

Each serve of Pak is loaded with real doses of the essential vitamins and minerals.

We all take our health for granted but maintaining good basic function so perfect. 

Every serve is also loaded with essential amino acids to fuel muscle recovery.

We push our bodies hard in the gym and demand the most of them.

This can take a serious toll on our recovery and immune systems. This is what keeps us going and allows us to keep us pushing it in the gym.

Look after your body and in turn it will look after you in the gym.

Our health is he underlying factor which allows us to train hard and push our bodies to improve so taking car of these basics should be an essential for every lifter.


What is the difference between this and the original Pak?

It really boils down to preference. For some, swallowing tablets may be difficult. For others who drink a lot of shakes, tablets may be their go-to option.  

How many scoops equal 1 pack of regular Animal Pak?

1 scoop of Pak Powder = 1 pack of Animal Pak.

When should I drink Pak Powder?

As with regular Pak, we recommend taking it with a whole food meal (due to certain ingredients like fat-soluble vitamins). Many individuals take Pak with breakfast. That said, you can take Pak Powder (or Pak) any time of day.