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Superior Protein 2 LBS

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Superior Protein Is A Protein Blend Of Concentrate And Casein! Fast & Slow Releasing Sources Of Protein! Suitable For Men & Women!

  • Precise blend of fast and slow digesting protein sources, to ensure sustained levels of protein synthesis and muscle growth
  • Fully disclosed protein sources with no amino acid spiking
  • Digestive Enzyme Matrix to support optimal digestion, allowing even the most sensitive individuals to consume without any bloating or uncomfortable issues!
  • Available in 5 amazing, delicious and unique flavours
  • Featuring clinical doses of Velositol and PharmaGABA which boosts the anabolic response beyond what can be achieved with protein alone!

Increase Lean Muscle Mass, Enhance Recovery and Boost Protein Synthesis!

Enter the multifaceted path of the warrior who has forged his whey through with the help of the innovators at Olympus Labs. In order to forge ones destiny one must never take the simple whey, entrust the demigods at Olympus Labs to forge your destiny!

The wait is over and the time has come, Olympus Labs set out to create something new, something exciting and something very special to revolutionize the already saturated market for Protein Powder supplementation, we present SUPERIOR PROTEIN!

In true Olympus Labs style SUPERIOR PROTEIN is not just your run of the mill, plain old protein. What if you could turbocharge your protein to build even more muscle from the same serving size? Well now you can! The foundation of SUPERIOR PROTEIN is of course protein, a blend of whey protein concentrate (WPC 80) and micellar casein protein. This precise combination of fast and slow digesting protein sources leads to the ultimate sustained anabolic response, any time of the day!

SUPERIOR PROTEIN also features three patented ingredients to significantly enhance the protein blend, including 100mg of PharmaGABA®, 2g of Velositol™ and 100mg of DigeZyme®.

The days of shopping for protein powder based merely on price are over because now you can supplement with a protein powder that provides more gains! That day is upon us DemiGod Nation! Competing companies have been short changing your muscle gains, but no longer. Henceforth, there is a SUPERIOR PROTEIN!


In the pursuit to obtain the ultimate physique, we grind away day in and day out to edge closer to this goal. To assist in this pursuit protein supplements have become increasingly popular over the past few decades as a means to conveniently consume protein, which boosts muscle protein synthesis, leading to muscle gain. SUPERIOR PROTEIN focuses on not only enhancing this effect, but putting it into maximum overdrive!


SUPERIOR PROTEIN is designed to be utilised during any stage of a person’s training cycle, as a convenient, delicious and very effective protein supplement to assist with any and all training goals.


Suitable for all Men & Women, including those with sensitivity to dairy, who are interested in a delicious and comprehensive protein powder supplement to provide enhanced lean mass gains and recovery!


Use Directions

For optimal results, consume 1 full scoop in 12oz of chilled water or milk immediately post workout.

Alternatively, 1 scoop in 12oz of water of milk can be utilised at any time of the day to assist with meeting protein goals and promoting prolonged protein synthesis.