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Revive MD’s Glucose is an efficaciously-dosed, glucose disposal agent formula made with berberine as our foundation ingredient within the product. Glucose disposal agents (GDA) are a popular trend in the fitness and wellness arena. This is due to current research suggesting that ingredients with glucose management properties may interact with anti-aging and longevity pathways in the body. Berberine, the main active ingredient in this formula, has been tested in numerous clinical studies and has been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine.

Maintain post meal blood sugar levels

Daily use of our daily glucose supplement helps maintain already-healthy glucose levels, especially after a meal when glucose spikes can occur. It is particularly beneficial for recreational or high level athletes on a high carbohydrate diet, or those who wish to improve performance levels through supporting glucose uptake into skeletal muscle. A properly dosed and formulated GDA is excellent for promoting healthy glucose metabolism.

Key Ingredients


Berberine Plus is a potent bitter herb formula designed to promote intestinal health: Supports balanced gut flora to help reduce gas and bloating* Targets undesirable microbes for removal* Promotes optimal digestion for increased absorption of nutrients*

Citrus Bergamot Extract

Several studies have shown that bergamot may help to reduce overall cholesterol and “bad” LDL cholesterol. It may also help to increase “good” HDL cholesterol.

Grapeseed Extract

This ingredient has been known to promoting wound healing, and reducing inflammation.

Suggested Use

As a food supplement take 3 caps twice daily with a carbohydrate containing meal, preferably away from training. (Maximum dosage 6 caps daily)


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