If you're looking for hardcore muscle growth, better sleep, and optimized health, turn to Blackstone Labs Supplements. Body builders and fitness pros reach for this outstanding selection of supplements to optimize their performance inside and out of the gym.

Ready to try them for yourself? Get more info on Blackstone Labs supplements and a few options to add to your daily regimen.

What Are Blackstone Labs Supplements?

Blackstone Labs makes world renowned supplements to help you gain more mass, muscle, and lean gains. They focus on ingredients to promote getting ripped faster than ever before. They also enjoy a loyal fanbase and dedicated bodybuilders looking to 10x their results in the gym.

    Liposomal Turmeric

    With a 99% absorption rate, Liposomal Turmeric is a potent antioxidant that supports joint health, fights against inflammation, and boosts your immunity. This Blackstone Labs supplement neutralizes free radicals to protect your health as you uplevel your activity at the gym.

    • Turmeric 95% Extract (Root) (500mg) - Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Studies show that turmeric can produce similar effects as over-the-counter medication.
    • Bioperine Black Pepper Extract (10mg) - Research shows black pepper extract increases the body's absorption rate by up to 2000% for better results when taking supplements.

    Gear Support

    Gear Support offers year-round and organ support while providing potent muscle building and gains. It's the perfect Blackstone Labs Supplement when running an aggressive supplement cycle.

    • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (400mg) - An antioxidant that eliminates free radicals and neutralizes toxins.
    • Hawthorne Flower and Leaf Extract (300mg) - Helps dilate the coronary arteries to improve the blood oxygen supply and the heart's pumping ability.
    • Saw Palmetto (200mg) - Suppresses enlargement of the prostate and helps combat male hair loss by preventing testosterone from converting to DHT.
    • Red Clover (100mg) - Supports cardiovascular health and blood circulation.
    • Celery Extract 4:1 (75mg) - Combats high blood pressure (hypertension).
    • Grape Seed Extract (75mg) - A powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radical damage and supports cardiovascular health by improving circulation.


    EpiSmash is safe for both men and women to take when trying to get cut or bulk up.

    • 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin (100mg) - A natural plant-based anabolic shown to increase protein synthesis by 200% and improve strength, athletic performance, and body composition in as little as two weeks.
    • Acacia Catechu Extract, standardized to 40% Epicatechin 150mg (375mg) -Increases the speed of muscle growth and recovery.

    Chosen 1 Hardcore Muscle

    Chosen1 is a 1-DHEA-based prohormone to support lean, dry muscle gains and enhance fat loss. You'll see leaner muscle and get harder faster than before.

    • 1-DHEA Blend (65mg) - Contains three potent forms of 1-DHEA (1 androstene-3b-ol,17-one for elevated levels of this powerful muscle builder throughout the day.

    Blackstone Labs Supplements Reviews

    Read more about Blackstone labs supplements from people who have actually used them:

    Absolutely brilliant product stacked with Chosen 1. Very happy with the results." - Brandon O'Donnell

    "Increases growth hormone through great night's sleep. Highly recommended as part of any training regime."

    "This is the second time I'm using it, and I am taking only 2 tablets a day. Being a natural product, don't expect to become stronger from one day to another. Personally, I felt it started to kick in after a week and gradually I started to notice an increment of strength. I managed to increase up to 15% weights in an exercise like bench press, squats, leg press, and deadlift. It does what it says."

    Where Can I Buy Blackstone Labs Supplements?

    RedSupps offers optimized hardcore stacks to enhance your goals in the gym and your overall health. Ready to try game-changing supplements for yourself? Browse our selection of Blackstone Labs supplements or get in touch with questions on the best stacks to crush your goals.

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