The best Axe & Sledge supplements offer more than optimised performance; they also increase your lean muscle mass, reduce fat consumption, and eliminate harmful toxins in your body. Axe & Sledge Supplements only use ingredients scientifically proven to be effective and safe for consumption. With a reputation for quality and transparency, these supplements are designed to help you reach your goals and are used by athletes and fitness pros.

Learn more about which supplements to take, how they work, and why you need them to crush your goals in the gym and beyond.

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Which Are the Best Axe & Sledge Supplements?

Not sure where to get started on your supplement journey? Amplify your workouts and endurance with some of best Axe & Sledge Supplements on the market.

Axe & Sludge GDA+ 

Get on top of your carbohydrate and fat with Axe & Sludge GDA+. This supplement helps control insulin to help transport glycogen to the muscles and reduce its impact on fatty tissues. 

Read the reviews for Axe & Sludge GDA+: "Honestly, I was sceptical about GDAs in general but once tried I changed my mind. My digestion has improved, and no more bloating." - Fra



Elbow Grease

Get a complete repair and restore your joint health with one of the best Axe & Sledge Supplements on the market. Elbow Grease contains Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Maganese, Glucosamine HCL, CMO 40%, and more to help crush your most strenuous workouts.

Daily Cleanse - Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Agent

When toxins build up in your body, they can derail your performance in the gym, weight loss, and immunity. Daily Cleanse - Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Agent helps eliminate more toxins, promote healthy liver and kidney function, reduce bloating, and support digestion.


Betaine helps you increase lean muscle mass, endurance, and strength with the help of methionine. It ultimately makes you grind harder and longer in the gym to maximise your results. 

How Do Supplements Help You Gain Muscle?

Depending on the supplement, the combination of ingredients, creatine, and protein help increase stored levels in the muscles. However, not all supplements contain the same ingredients.

For example, some of the best Axe & Sledge Supplements, like Betaine, don't technically contain creatine but help increase your body's natural production of it instead. As a result, you get a more natural and organic experience than pumping your body full of ingredients you don't necessarily need.

How Do Supplements Help You Drop Fat?

Some supplements, like GDA+, help block the absorption of carbohydrates to fatty tissues and reduce the amount you metabolise. Some will also help increase your resting metabolic rate to increase calorie burn and thus drop fat. 

Other supplements, including those that reduce inflammation, work a little differently. When you have too much inflammation in your body, you gain weight, look and feel bloated, and are unable to drop the pounds. The right supplements help get your body back on track, drop the excess fat, and improve your performance in the gym.

There are some caveats here. You still need to put in the time and effort at the gym and improve your nutrition to see results. Supplements are designed to help optimise the work you're already doing on yourself to enhance your results. They won't work on their own.

Where Can I Buy the Best Axe & Sledge Supplements?

RedSupps offers Best Axe & Sledge Supplements to improve your lean muscle mass, and strength and eliminate toxins in your body that can slow down your progress. Browse our selection of the Best Axe & Sledge Supplements or get in touch with questions on the best stacks to crush your goals.

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