If you want to increase muscle and keep your gains, you need the right muscle-building supplements to crush your plateaus. Supplements supercharge your energy, enhance muscle growth, and help with recovery to see results faster than before. Here's what to know about muscle-building supplements and how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

Which Muscle Building Supplements Should I Try?

With hundreds of muscle-building supplements on the market, it's hard to know where to start your journey. Here's a round-up to help you get started. 

Brutal 4CE - Hardcore Muscle Builder

Brutal 4CE - Hardcore Muscle Builder is a 4-DHEA pheromone designed to gain strength and mass for serious bodybuilders and athletes quickly. As a high-quality liposomal product, this muscle-building supplement offers a 99% absorption rate with a fat-soluble coating and water-soluble coating. The results? It helps shuttle quickly into your bloodstream for more impressive results in the gym. 

AbNORmal - Hardcore Muscle Builder

AbNORmal - Hardcore Muscle Builder contains three highly effective 19-NorDHEA prohormones to amplify your muscle growth. It converts to Norandrostenediol, six times more anabolic than testosterone, and skyrockets your muscle growth. 

Angiogenin - Plant-Based Muscle Builder

Angiogenin - Plant-Based Muscle Builder enhances strength, recovery, and lean muscle math while promoting a decrease in body fat levels naturally. It could boost your protein synthesis by up to 200% and won't impact your hormone levels. 

EpiCat - All-Natural Muscle Builder

EpiCat: All-Natural Muscle Builder enhances your body's muscle-building potential naturally. It's non-hormonal, can be taken year-round, and contains epicatechin, which provides a range of health benefits shown to boost muscle and strength.

How Do Muscle Building Supplements Work?

Muscle-building supplements help improve your overall performance while stimulating muscle growth. Most contain either protein, creatine, or both to enhance the impact. Of course, these supplements won't work on their own without putting some momentum behind it. You still need to up your workout, like weightlifting, that focuses on straining and rebuilding your muscles. 

Eating more protein can help in your quest for building more muscle, but it's challenging to get to the level you need to see results on your physique. That's where muscle-building supplements come in. You pack in more of the nutrients and ingredients you need to see muscle gains.

How Do You Take Supplements?

Muscle-building supplements are easy to take as part of a regular work routine. Always take muscle-building supplements as directed. Most products suggest taking one capsule once or twice a day with food or one scoop mixed into water. Do not exceed the recommended amount per day.

Muscle Building Supplement Reviews

Hear more about muscle-building supplements straight from our customers making impressive gains.

"I am a female natural lifter, and I really appreciate the product. Always making the progress on Anogenin." - J.B.

"Absolutely brilliant product stacked with Chosen 1. Very happy with the results" - Brendan O'Donnell

Hi. I am happy because it gives me more strength to add weight. It does not harm the liver and stomach. The effects are slowly visible. First of all, they do not affect sleep." - Krystian Sikora

Where Can I Buy Muscle Building Supplements?

Ready to try muscle building supplements for yourself and enhance your time in the gym? RedSupps offers optimized hardcore stacks to improve your gym goals and overall health. Browse our selection of Blackstone Labs supplements or get in touch with questions on the best stacks to crush your goals.

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