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Arimigen™ Supports Decrease of Estrogen & Increase of Testosterone Levels!*

Arimigen by APS Nutrition, is an aromatase inhibitor that has a formula to create an anabolic environment, increase testosterone, and keep your estrogen levels under control. Inhibition of aromatase has been shown to reduce estrogen production in the body.

Estrogen can have many undesirable effects on the male body. Unfortunately, a testosterone increase goes hand in hand with a raise in estrogen levels. Raised estrogen levels can cause weight gain, body fat, and water retention, three things no athlete or body builder wants to deal with. Arimigen is designed to raise your testosterone levels and reduce these negative side effects that can occur when your estrogen levels begin to rise. This supplement will help your body maintain the correct estrogen to testosterone ratio and maximize free testosterone. Your hormone levels will be stabilised & back to normal after a rough cycle when you use Arimigen.



As a food supplement, take 2 tablets one or two times daily on an empty stomach. Take 8-12 hours apart. Do not exceed 4 tablets per day.