Brain Waves

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Brain Waves is an over the top and very energetic nootropic. What is nootropic you ask? Well it is something aimed at improving your cognitive function! Generally, these kind of products give you focus, energy, a clear state of mind, and can even be de-stressing. Brain Waves focuses on being the nootropic to go to if you’re looking for non-stop energy and executive function. 


What can you expect by using Brain Waves?

  • Supports Healthy Brain Function
  • Enhanced Natural Energy
  • Mood & Cognitive Support
  • Zero Crash



Brain Waves builds itself on large doses off the vitamins and minerals your body needs to produce energy. These are the B vitamins and Zinc in this case, which are needed as your base for channeling energy. Its followed up by KSM-66 at a full 600mg, Lion’s Mane at 600mg, and Cat’s Claw at another 500mg. These serve as the safety equipment and guide rails for the energy portion of Brain Waves. KSM-66 brings more to the table as an adaptogen her, leveling out the stress response from the more directly stimulating ingredients packed in here. It combos up super well with Lion’s Mane, which may help by increasing Neuron Growth Factor and some other positive cognitive effects. What are these exactly? Lowered anxiety and less irritability to stressors themself. The Cat’s Claw here is poised to reduce TNF-a and other inflammatory molecules that can be heightened during stress. This blend here is super key in allowing your body to harness a large blast of energy,
without being thrown off the rails!

Sixth Sense Matrix is where all the lightning comes from. The first jolt of energy comes from Alpha-GPC, one of the highest quality choline donors available. While this is only mildly stimulating, it gives your body a lofty ability to regenerate acetylcholine. And that little molecule? It one of the more critical molecules your body uses in your nervous system. Now 300mg of caffeine should be a new player for nobody. This is the initial spark to the energy given by the next player; that beloved DMHA (2-isoaminoheptane. This is a molecule that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, and boy does it kick! It mimics the “Fight” signal, wiring your body and mind to be at its highest state of awareness. This here is what gets boosted off the Alpha-GPC and caffeine, while the adaptogens
keep this rocket ride on course.

Even FURTHER than everything mentioned so far we have Bacopa, PQQ, and Huperzine A. These have a ton of synergies with not just eachother but the other stimulants as well. Bacopa is going to amplify the Alpha-GPC which also in turn increases the excitability we can get from DMHA and caffeine leading to a stronger signal across the board. This gives Brain Waves even more mental focus and energy than any of the ingredients if taken solo. But how does this all feel, and last? We’ll Brain waves also incorporates Huperzine and PQQ. These buffer the acetylcholine breakdown as well keep your nervous system from becoming desensitised to the signals it is getting.


Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take four (4 capsules when extreme focus & brain gains are needed. Due to the extreme potency one may wish to start with 1-2 capsules before progressing to a full serving. Do not exceed recommended dosage in 24-hour period.