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Q: Why is Estrogen our enemy?

A: Estrogen can negatively affect the body in multiple ways. If your body produces too much, you experience lethargy, muscle loss, and fat gain. If you have too little you can experience joint pain and mood swings. It is this balance that we wanted to perfect with Elim1nate.

Q: What makes Elim1nate different from other anti-Estrogen products?

A: Other products have based their claims off unreliable data and research. They rely on concepts and anecdotal data rather than proven science. Pharmaceutical prescriptions also have side effects such as a negative effect on cholesterol levels. Elim1nate uses natural compounds that have been shown to have multiple benefits while also suppressing the negative side effects.

Q: Does this product only deal with Estrogen?

A: Absolutely not! It is always our goal at Olympus Labs to provide customers with products that are well-rounded and can help you in different ways. Elim1nate acts as a 5-in-1 natural hormone balancing supplement. It safely reduces Estrogen, increases Testosterone, promotes fat loss, controls the stress hormone cortisol, and prevents muscle breakdown.The best part is Elim1nate can be used year-round and because it is natural, there is no need for cycling or breaks.

The Testosterone/Estrogen Balance

Before we dive into the ingredients, first we need to understand a few things. Testosterone is known as the male hormone, and estrogen is known as the female hormone, however they are present in both sexes. It is this balance that is CRITICAL in maintaining your general health. Too much Estrogen in men and women can cause weight gain, depression, fatigue, and more serious health risks.

What is Aromatase?

This is another key term we need to understand to better understand our bodies. In simple terms, Aromatase is an enzyme. Enzymes create certain reactions in the body. Aromatase converts Testosterone into Estrogen. This is very important for both men and women. If you have too much Estrogen, you don’t have enough Testosterone and both sexes need a healthy balance.

Elimistane and Pine Bark: The Dynamic Duo

The first ingredient found in Elm1nate is a trademarked form of Luteolin. This is a flavonoid found in many fruits and vegetables including oranges. Flavanoids have been shown to play all sorts of important roles in health and are part of the reason you are always being told to eat your fruits and vegetables!

Luteolin acts as an Aromatase Inhibitor, meaning it stops that enzyme from converting Testosterone to Estrogen. In addition to that, it also promotes healthy cholesterol levels, healthy weight, and acts as an powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Finally, Luteolin prevents muscle breakdown, which is critical for anyone that is lacking in their diets.

Pine Bark is another natural health booster that aids Luteolin in blocking Aromatase. By itself it is powerful, but combines with Luteolin, Aromatase doesn’t stand a chance! Pine Bark has other benefits as well. It promotes healthy blood flow and reduces inflammation while also being another powerful antioxidant. It also boosts Adiponectinwhich is the hormone that supports fat burning. Pine Bark will increase fat burning and thermogenesis by activating brown fat cells and regulating blood glucose and insulin sensitivity.

5-in-1 Metabolism Optimizer

The natural ingredients in Elim1nate help you maintain a healthy balanced body and achieve this in five different ways. By modulating estrogen levels and in turn eliminating water retention, bloating, and fat gain you are also lowering stress levels. Lowering stress promotes better dietary habits and better sleep, which in turn help optimize hormone levels. By stopping these symptoms before they start, Elim1nate equips you to overcome the stressors that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

What CAN’T Elim1nate Do?

We’ve discussed several ways Elim1nate can help your health but it’s also important to understand what it ISN’T.

  • Does NOT cause weight gain
  • Does NOT harm cholesterol
  • Does NOT contain caffeine
  • Does NOT have to be cycled

But I Need Estrogen, Right?

Well, kind of. The key to estrogen is management is just that: management. Not elimination. Elim1nate will not take your Estrogen levels into dangerously low levels. This will strictly affect those with high levels of Estrogen looking to bring their bodies back into balance.


Olympus Labs Elim1nate Directions: 

As an adult dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 3-4 times daily with meals. Do not exceed 4 capsules in a 24-hr period.