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EssentialMAX EAA

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EssentialMAX EAA is an amino acid sports supplement by Strom Sports Nutrition.

It boasts a big dose of BCAA's and total EAA content alongside B vitamins and electrolytes.

This is what Strom say about their EAA "EssentialMax contains clinically dosed servings to help bring the best possible product to our customers with no compromise whatsoever"

They have intentionally omitted L-Tryptophan which as a precursor to 5htp, which can cause sleepiness (so is often only included by some brands in very small doses) and replaced it with L-Alanine which while being a non essential amino acid, is involved and depleted in the production of energy from blood glucose - this makes it a useful inclusion for intra-workout supplements - especially if being used alongside a carbohydrate supplement.


  • Mix 1 scoop (15g) with 500ml-700ml of water and consume intra-workout

  • For best results off-season we would suggest mixing with 30g of KarboMax (or your carbohydrate of choice).