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I AM SUPREM3 Black Magic Edition

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Ultimate pre-workout for supreme results

Olympus labs has been long known as a leading edge supplement company. They have shined in pre workouts and muscle builders that deliver results and has a strong fan base.

Olympus Labs prides themselves on three things: innovation, value, and results. I am Suprem3 was designed with all of that in mind and delivers the complete package of focus, energy, pump, and performance. Stim-X will take your energy and endurance levels to an all new level of extreme.

With ingredients like Stim X and TeaCrine, you have long lasting high energy throughout the entire workout and well after. Zero crash. The elevated mood from KannaEase will push your workouts and allow you to re1gn suprem3!



I Am Supreme is one of the best pre workouts you can find because of its ingredients, the two biggest ones being TeaCrine and StimX. But how does this pre-workout give you a better workout?

L-Citrulline: This is an amino acid in your body! It then converts into L-Arginine, which improves blood flow by allowing more oxygen into the veins! This gives you more pumps, and allows your body to absorb more nutrients! 

Caffeine: Your morning cup of joe! Caffeine gives you that initial start of energy!, so you can lift more, keep your focus, and even have that mind to muscle connection.

ST1M: Probably the most important ingredient for I Am Supreme. ST1M is an extract of plant alkaloids from Olympus Labs. When paired with other stimulants, it works better, stronger, and allows for a better workout, better endurance, and just improved overall athletic performance. 

TeaCrine: This is an amazing ingredient! TeaCrine gives you the same results as caffeine, BUT without the crash, the dragged groggy feeling and caffeine tolerance!



Mix one scoop (10g) with 150-200ml of water and consume 30 minutes before your workout.