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Sparta Nutrition brings you the ultimate caffeine and stimulant-free nitric oxide boosting pre workout: Kraken Pump. You haven’t experienced muscle pumps and vascularity until you have tried Kraken Pump. With large doses of L-Citrulline, HydroMax, and Nitrosigine, Nitric Oxide levels are boosted and maintained to provide enhanced blood flow to your muscles. A more full muscle can experience skin tearing pumps and better nutrient utilization for lean muscle mass growth.

KRAKEN PUMP doesn’t stop at increasing NO2: We at Sparta Nutrition went above and beyond by adding a very unique addition in Coconut Water. Coconut Water is very well known for its ability to hydrate cells at a higher rate. A more hydrated muscle can better effectively contract, allowing for intense muscle pumps. A more hydrated muscle can also better effectively utilise nutrients to grow lean muscle mass and allow you to train longer and harder.



Kraken Pump features incredibly high doses of some of the most novel and clinically proven nitric oxide boosting ingredients today


Two scoops of Kraken Pump provides 6 grams (6!) of one of the most popular muscle pump inducing ingredients, L-Citrulline. Your muscles will feel full and pumped to the max. L-Citrulline is the go-to nitric oxide (N.O.) boosting ingredient on the market today for strong, dense pumps. The reason we’re such fans of L-Citrulline is that it’s heads and tails better than L-Arginine in terms of elevating N.O. levels.  This translates to bigger, badder, and better pumps during your workouts.


Essential to a good workout is proper muscle hydration. HydroMax ensures your muscles are hydrated enough to maximize performance and muscle contractions. In essence, HydroMax® essentially turns your muscles into ultra absorbent sponges that soak up tons of extra water. This creates a state of “hyperhydration” in the muscle which leads to greater overall endurance in your workout and lays the groundwork for those water-based pumps we first mentioned.


Clinically validated at maximizing Nitric Oxide levels, Nitrosigine is a novel ingredients designed to promote enhanced blood flow to your muscles. As one of the most potent and clinically proven nitric oxide boosting ingredients, it was a no brainer to include Nitrosigine at the clinical dose of 1,500 mg. This leads to skin-splitting pumps and better nutrient delivery.

Coconut Water

Unique in the nitric oxide boosting game is the use of Coconut Water Powder. Coconut water is well known for its hydration benefits, and a properly hydrated muscle can contract better, which leads to more intense muscle pumps and contractions. Coconut waters hydration benefits are also perfect to help mitigate cramping and can help normalize electrolyte balance.

Clinically validated N.O. Boosting ingredients at massive doses are a staple in KRAKEN PUMP: Beetroot, HydroMax Glycerol, and Nitrosigine offer unparalleled muscle pumps and increased vascularity. Toss in a whopping 6 grams of L-Citrulline and a super hydrated muscle cell from Coconut Water and Kraken Pump will make every workout a nitric oxide boosting and muscle swelling adventure.