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Legend S.A.R.M Details

  • Recomping/Bulking Agent
  • Increased Strength/Size
  • Healing and Muscle Waste Prevention Agent
  • 45 Day Supply

Olympus Labs Legend is a S.A.R.M (selective androgen receptor modulators) created to increase lean muscle mass and help break strength plateaus for the ultimate body recomposition tool. A S.A.R.M is designed to have a similar effect on the body as anabolic steroids but target the skeletal muscle tissue selectively.

If you're wanting to gain lean muscle mass and experience increases in strength then Legend is a supplement not to look past. The main active ingredient LGD-4033 is very similar to the popular S.A.R.M Ostarine but 12 times more powerful and only a third of the dose. Each bottle contains a massive 45 day serving for the perfect cycle length.

Like anabolic steroids there are certain compounds that work better for different physique goals. Legend is best used when looking to bulk with lean mass and assisted with a high calorie diet for the best gains. Olympus Labs Legend offers a great inexpensive way to add solid muscle.

S.A.R.M.S represent a halfway point between natural muscle builders and testosterone boosters on the one hand and prohormones on the other. We would advise anyone supplementing with S.A.R.M.S to run a thorough post cycle therapy as you would with a PH cycle.


Olympus Labs Legend Directions:

As an adult dietary supplement, take 1 capsule twice daily with meals. Do not exceed more than 2 capsules in a 24 hour period of time.