NTel Nutra


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All in one multi-vitamin with organ support

NTEL Nutra multivitamin is specifically designed with the athlete in mind. Not only does it promote general health with vitamins, but it also helps to increase performance. It provides support for your heart, liver and kidneys in 3 easy to swallow capsules per day, meaning you get a full 30 day course from a tub. 

Milk Thistle Seed Extract - this is included to help your liver function

Cranberry Fruit Extract - this again supports your liver function and can boost your immune system.

Chanca Piedra - this is included as it improves your kidney function, it can also help with digestion and your appetite.

Check out the nutritional table for a full list of what is included and their dose in this powerful multivitamin. 



Take 3 capsules per day with food.