Selenium 200 mcg

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Provide Cellular Protection and Thyroid Support with Essential Selenium

Selenium is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in the function of various enzymes throughout our body, as well as providing healthy antioxidant benefits. Selenium acts as a catalyst for the glutathione peroxidase enzyme in the liver to assist in the process of cleansing blood and removing toxins from the body. NOW Foods creates a convenient Selenium supplement to provide your body with crucial support for its immune, thyroid and liver function, as well as cellular support and Vitamin E regeneration. Selenium is difficult to obtain in healthy amounts through diet alone, but this NOW Foods Selenium supplement makes it easy to meet your daily nutritional needs and fill the gaps. This powerful selenium supplement provides your body with 200 mcg of Selenium in the form of L-Selenomethionine to meet and exceed your daily nutritional needs. NOW Foods utilizes vegetarian friendly ingredients and eco-friendly processes to create this beneficial supplement. Each tablet is free from artificial preservatives and GMP Certified to provide you with a healthy source of support that you can trust. One tablet is all you need each day to provide your body with essential benefits.


Selenium Promotes Healthy Liver and Thyroid Function

NOW Foods creates a simple way to provide your body with a healthy amount of selenium each day in these easy to consume tablets. Selenium plays a crucial role in the function of the liver and thyroid, through its role as a catalyst for the glutathione peroxidase enzyme. This enzyme assists the liver in cleansing the blood and removing toxins from our system. Without selenium, glutathione peroxidase is unable to perform its role within the liver. Selenium also helps catalyze enzymes in the thyroid that are responsible for energy production, supporting healthy energy levels.


Supports Healthy, Strong Immune Systems

Selenium also plays a crucial role in many different biochemical and cellular functions throughout the body. As it assists in maintaining healthy function of these reactions, selenium sets the stage for ideal immune function. By improving the efficiency of our body’s most basic function, selenium helps strengthen the immune system to promote overall health.


Provides Essential Antioxidant Support

Each NOW Foods Selenium supplement provides your body with a healthy serving of this essential mineral to act as an antioxidant. Selenium helps protect cells from oxidative stress and damaging free radicals, providing essential antioxidant support for your entire body. Without proper support, these radicals can damage healthy cells and lead to a variety of harmful effects. In addition, healthy amounts of Selenium help your body reuse and recycle Vitamin E to further advance its antioxidant protection.



Take 1 capsule daily with a meal.