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Intense-Energy & Mood Enhancing Fat Burner

SEMTEX's® advanced formula utilises a precise combination of ingredients including Hordenine, Grains of Paradise, Higenamine, and patented TeaCrine® to support an all-out firestorm on stored body fat. The synergistic effects from ingredients found in the science-backed formula work together to boost energy, enhance focus, elevate athletic performance, aid in weight loss, increase thermogenesis, accelerate fatty acid uptake, decrease hunger, and improve mood. SEMTEX separates itself from the pack in that it has the ability to provide hours of energy (both physical and mental) without the up and down rollercoaster of energy levels before an abrupt crash – essentially crushing your mood, productivity, and fat-burning potential. SEMTEX allows for sustained fat-burning over time to help you maximise your results. 



On training days, take one serving (1 capsule) of SEMTEX™ twice daily as needed. We suggest best times for use are in the morning with a meal and within 1 hour before training. For best results, combine with a diet and exercise program. Do not exceed one dose in every 3-4 hours.