Super Natty

Size: 120 capsules
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Black Magic Super Natty is a complete testosterone support supplement that aims to boost the amount of free testosterone in the body. Black Magic uses quality ingredients in premium dosages to achieve this. Testosterone is not only the key to boosting lean muscle tissue but is vital to improving the sense of well being & performance.



  • Byroviron® 1500mg - Works on the HPTA axis to increase the amount of luteinizing & follicle stimulating hormone in the body leading to an increase in free testosterone.
  • PrimaVia® 250mg - A patented form of Shilijat, this compound helps to provide the essential minerals and ingredients to unimpeded healthy testosterone production.
  • E Cottonnii Extract - Helps to lower the production of estrogen, leading to a decrease in water retention and increase in testosterone.
  • Royal Jelly & Fadogia - These are included for their ability to boost fertility and libido, leading to an increase in sex drive.


    Suggested Use

    As a dietary supplement take four (4) capsules with a meal once per day. Due to formula potency, do not use the product longer than 8 weeks followed by a subsequent 4 weeks break. 

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