Super Odorless Garlic Extract

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NOW Foods Super Odorless Garlic Details

  • Concentrated Extract
  • With Hawthorn Extract & Cayenne
  • Can Combat Sickness, Including the Common Cold
  • May Help Detoxify Heavy Metals from Your Body
  • May Improve Athletic Performance
  • May Lower the Risk of Heart Disease
NOW® Super Odorless Garlic is extracted from Allium sativum. This Odorless Garlic extract is aged for 18 months, is highly purified, and has been deodorized while maintaining the nutritional value of garlic. Garlic abounds with naturally occurring sulfur compounds, amino acids and trace minerals. We have included standardized Hawthorn Extract, Hawthorn Berry and Cayenne Pepper to round out this health supporting formula.

NOW Foods Super Odorless Garlic Directions:

Take 1 capsule twice daily.