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FOCUS YOU WILL FEEL WORKING INSTANTLY WITH NO SIDE-EFFECTS. Total Focus is the result of a 5-year global research quest to find the next generation focus & energy ingredient to work instantly, all-day, & side-effect free.

HANDCRAFTED FOR THE HARDEST WORKER IN THE ROOM TOTAL FOCUS is engineered with the hardest worker in mind, the ones who are putting forth their best effort day in and day out and cannot afford to crash, slow down or be bogged by headaches.

  • A FOCUS PILL YOU CAN COUNT ON - Tested to work in the most extreme mentally and physically demanding conditions
  • THE ONLY FOCUS SUPPLEMENT YOU’LL EVER NEED - Ditch the coffee, energy drinks, energy shots, energy pills, & harmful stimulants. TOTAL FOCUS is your complete solution to boost focus instantly.
  • NO MORE HEADACHES OR OTHER SIDE-EFFECTS - Total Focus provides healthy brain support from pure, natural focus nootropics used for centuries.

THREE OF THE MOST CLINICALLY RESEARCHED INGREDIENTS TOTAL FOCUS contains not only Zynamite, but also Rhodiola, known for its anti-fatigue effects and a powerful kick of the world's cleanest source of natural caffeine, PurCaf.



TOTAL FOCUS was engineered to start working within 15 minutes and with a 4x longer half life than any other traditional nootropics and stimulants to support you at the start, during, and for the full entirety of your work.

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