There are many arguments on old school vs new school training. People say back in the day people lifted heavy basic movements, and today there has been a new spin on machines and superset training. There is one thing that is needed to matter what for both: heart and the want to succeed.

If you are just going through the motions and not caring if you progress then you are more likely to fail or not give your best. Once the fact that you are dedicated and driven to make things happen there are other factors that come into play. Intensity is one. Quality is the other.

There are athletes who choose straight up intensity at any cost. Pushing crazy weight and often using a lot of assisting muscle to do so. It has been shown to help sculpt a lot of grainy muscle mass, and slap on muscle at a fast rate. However, there is a line where Intensity sacrifices quality. When I think quality, I think properly executed reps though: superior focus on mind muscle connection, time under tension, contraction time, angles hit, the muscles intended to work, and maximizing performance before fatigue of secondary body parts.

There is definitely something to be said about that individual who steps into the gym ready to rain havoc on the weights and aggression fuel a no mercy attitude. Often times we need to call upon that elite intensity, especially when we could easily skip a day or give less than 100%. I believe when we can master bringing enough intensity to improve, yet not give in too much to straight intensity that we lose sight of quality. Many people are not genetically gifted, and need to use that laser focus to apply many aspects of quality, in order to get an upper hand on conditioning, size, muscle maturity, and or symmetry.

See quality more than a care for training, but a detailed way of training, or method of reaching genetic gifted like potential. Put more thought into your workouts. Don’t sacrifice tunnel vision for goals. The more mindset you apply to your plan the more changes you will see. The more visual you can become with training the more visual changes you will unlock. The next time to train a body part, map it out! Know exactly what you wish to create and make the blue print do get it done. Make every rep count! Leave the gym knowing you set the foundation for the ultimate goal. Once you build your physique with quality, it may allow for some higher amounts of intensity with less than perfect form.

Your body will choose to only grow and develop the way you set the tone for. Those who have been consistent for many years in training know what I am talking about. Sometimes it is even hard to throw your body off track even when countless hours of meal prep and training not the same. You can train your muscles to fire with more contraction and response to all exercises. You will get way more out of every exercise you do. So stay focused, find your intensity that still allows for quality. If I had to choose one, I would choose quality. Doesn’t mean you are not training with heart and dedication when you go for quality. Get at it! Get elite!