You may understand the benefit of a good night's sleep and how it ties into your ability to work out more, but that doesn't mean it's easy to get in enough to feel rested. Insomnia, stress, indigestion, and problems like restless legs can all keep you awake at night. Instead of fighting through your slumber until morning, learn how supplements for good sleep can improve your rest and performance in the gym.

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The Connection Between Sleep and Fitness

Getting enough sleep is imperative to restoring your body and avoiding injuries. According to the Sleep Foundation, getting enough sleep allows your body to recover from the previous day. It can help strengthen your muscles, reduce fatigue, and help avoid injuries. 

Beyond how sleep can protect your body, it also optimizes your time in the gym. It probably goes without saying that not getting enough sleep leads to a lack of physical activity the next day. Over time, not getting quality sleep can make you listless and tired on a regular basis. Too little sleep also shortcuts your potential for more muscle growth and delays or limits your growth altogether. 

What are the Benefits of Sleep Supplements? 

You already know that supplements for good sleep can help you get more rest, but what does that really mean? Supplements like Sleep 8 enhance REM sleep for deep, restorative rest and improves your overall sleep quality. REM is essential for your sleep cycle. It stimulates the areas of your brain responsible for learning and making or retaining memories. 

How Working Out Improves Sleep

The benefits of sleeping and working out are cyclical. Sleeping provides fuel and focus to crush your workout goals. However, a good workout can also lend itself to a good night's sleep. It's wise to get in your most vigorous workouts earlier in the day. Pumping iron or pushing yourself right before bedtime could backfire and lead to a poor night of sleep.

How Do I Take Supplements?

Always read the specific directions of your supplement. However, most supplements direct you to use one scoop of powder in a glass of water and mix thoroughly. If you've never tried supplements before, you may want to try half a scoop and monitor your results.

What Types of Supplements for Good Sleep Should I Try?

There are dozens of sleep supplements on the market. Here are a few to try yourself.

Anesthetized - Hardcore Sleep Formula 

Get a full night's sleep with this hardcore sleep supplement. It helps you sleep hard and wake up rested to crush it at the gym.

Supplements for Good Sleep - Anesthetized - Blackstone Labs



Sana helps you fall asleep faster, achieve REM for longer periods, and help you recover from long gym sessions. You'll be ready to hit the gym the following day and pump more iron.

Sana - Supplements for Good Sleep - RED SUPPS

Brain Gains

Brain Gains helps you sleep, refuel, and repair to prepare for the next day in the gym. It also helps boost your memory, mood, and motivation. When you're focused and in great spirits, you're more likely to stick to your sleeve pumping workout.

Supplements for Good Sleep - Brain Gains - RED SUPPS

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Where Can I Buy Supplements for Good Sleep?

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