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Animal Flex is a complete joint health supplement from Universal Nutrition.

This has been designed to keep your ligaments and connective tissues in good working order.

When we train we break down our muscles, but we also damage our joints,tendons and ligaments.

Just like your refuel your body with amino acids and protein powder you should also be doing the same for your joints.

Animal Flex comprises 3 primary joint health complexes.

The first of these is to lubricate your joints to prevent creating further damage during training. 

The second section in Animal Flex is the construction complex. This provides the raw building materials your body needs to repair and rebuild.

Just like protein if you don't take these in, you won't be able to rebuild.

 Provide your body with the building blocks it needs to fuel recovery.

Prevention is the best approach when it comes to joint health and staying safe in the gym.

Animal Flex contains effective doses of proven ingredients to deliver results you can feel.

If you have pain in your knees or elbows during/after exercise this would be a great product to include in your daily supplement plan.

You'll start feeling less pain and better joint mobility in the first 1-2 weeks of usage.


Directions For Universal Animal Flex:

Take one pack per day, either on an empty stomach or with a meal.