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Animal M-Stak

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Animal M-Stak Details

Animal M-Stak form is a potent muscle building supplement.

Animal M-Stak is designed to assist in protein synthesis. This is the amount of protein you can convert into lean muscle mass. Increasing this means faster recovery and more muscle! This is the whole reason we kill ourselves in the gym and the real “secret’ to making more gains.

This assists in digesting and shuttling nutrients where they are needed. Powerful digestive enzymes and nutrient partitioners for maximum gains.

This also has an energy and focus blend making it ideal to take before training. Sustained energy and great mental focus from naturally sourced theobromine. This is a cacao plant extract and is great for natural energy and also improving insulin sensitivity. Handling carbs better means staying leaner and better muscle building potential.

Built on a base of anabolic flavones. They have been shown to increase the ability to direct nutrients to muscle building. This means faster gains in size and strength. These have also been shown to increase protein synthesis. Faster muscle gains and more effective utilisation of your daily calorie intake.

You will also find this assists in training harder in the gym. Strength gains will follow in the gym so you can take your training/progress to a whole new level.

Packaged in convenient single serves this will help increase muscle size and strength for faster recovery and progressions in the gym.


Directions For Universal Animal M-Stak:

Take one pak every day for 21 consecutive days. On training days, take pak 45 minutes prior to exercise. On non-training days, take pak in the morning or early afternoon. Cycle product for maxium results: three weeks on and one week off.

Can I "stack" Animal Stak with Animal M-Stak?

Absolutely. In fact, this would be a solid stack, no doubt. Both promote anabolism in their own unique way and neither formulas overlap. M-Stak enhances protein synthesis and "nutrient partitioning" while Stak increases and optimizes the utilization of anabolic hormones.

I heard you should keep protein intake high when on the M-Stak. Is this true?

Yes. One thing that makes M-Stak unique from the Stak and other supplements is its “nutrient partitioning” effects. Clinical studies show the active ingredients in the M-Stak can divert the calories you eat into lean mass accumulation, not fat deposition. In short, more clean calories you eat will go toward promoting muscle building, not fat around your belly. Keeping protein intake high (up to 2g/lb. of bodyweight) will mean more protein synthesis.

If I’m sensitive or if I train later in the evening, can I remove the stimulants in Animal M-Stak?

Absolutely. Animal’s “pack” system offers many advantages from precision dosing and timing–you get what you need, when your body needs it. To remove the stimulants, just take out the red pill.