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Always feel bloated or puffy? Having trouble getting those “stubborn pounds”? Moody and lethargic?

These are the hallmark signs of estrogen dominance in the body. With rampant estrogen production, may build less muscle and store more fat -- something no man wants.

It’s time to take back your manhood, and obliterate estrogen with Eradicate.

Eradicate is a powerful suicide aromatase inhibitor (AI) that estrogen levels, promotes optimal testosterone production, and enhances sex drive. Eradicate is perfect for natural and non-natural athletes looking to take control of their hormones and maximise muscle growth.



N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (250mg) increases production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that protects the liver and helps detoxify the body.

Safed Musli (250mg) increases spermatogenesis (sperm production) and improves erectile strength. Safed Musli also enhances hepatic glutathione, for increased antioxidant activity, and reduces lipid peroxidation.

Arimistane (25mg) is a powerful aromatase inhibitor (AI) that decreases circulating levels of estrogen and cortisol in the body. Arimistane acts as a suicidal AI, which prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and maximizes natural testosterone production.


Use Directions

As a food supplement, take one (1) capsule two to three (2-3) times daily with food. Due to the extreme potency, do not use for nor longer than 8 weeks without a 4 week off period. Do not exceed four (4) capsules in a 24 hour period.

Customer Reviews

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Enio Sousa
One the best estrogen blockers out there

Great product when undo a cut, look extra leaner no water retention.

Christopher Dolan
Great stuff

Does what it says estrogen was down and test was up

Outstanding product

This is the third time I use eradicate; 2 times I have used as PCT and one time as standalone to tighten up during cutting. It is the right product to finish up your cutting season and give you that hard look

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