Glucovantage - Insulin Mimicker for Fat Loss & Muscle Building

Size: 60 capsules
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The Alpha Lion GAINS CANDY™ SERIES was created to allow you to upgrade your performance to SUPERHUMAN levels both inside and outside of the gym.

Every person is so unique and Alpha Lion wanted to create a solution that allowed YOU to customize your workout or your day by experimenting with your ideal dosage using the most cutting edge single ingredients available.

GlucoVantage® is the industry's first implementation of Dihydroberberine (DHB). A derivative of berberine, a compound used in Eastern medicine for decades, known for its ability to inhibit fat cell growth and insulin sensitivity* but now with 5x more bioavailability than its traditional predecessors*.

Giving you the efficiency and effectiveness to maximize your fat loss results while still enjoying all the foods you used to love!*

GlucoVantage® has numerous benefits:

  • Optimizes Carbohydrate Tolerance*
  • Increases Insulin Sensitivity*
  • Supports Healthy Blood Glucose Levels*
  • Helps Convert Fat Storage Into Energy*
  • Inhibits Adipocyte (fat Cell) Growth*
  • Assists With Anti-aging Process*

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